Reaction to “Maus”

Experiences shape a person “Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and complete the cleansing process” (SAA Saba). Just as Babe, who was an Indian guru, spiritual figure, mystic, philanthropist


When/where is money seen in a positive light, and when/where does it cause problems? The brutality and cruelty during the Holocaust, a tragic genocide of Jews, made it necessary for the Jews to come up with various types of survival tactics. One of the ways that was well and commonly used a lot of times

Ethnic Notions, Bamboozled and Maus

Ethnicity as Portrayed and Discussed in Ethnic Notions, Bamboozled and Mass The world is currently approaching a global integration. The current systems created in Europe and America does not favor negative ethnicity and racism. Anti-Semitism remains a living ideology since the World War II as the pop culture uprightly propagates ethnicity and racism. Several films

Maus vs. Animal Farm

When parents do not control their children in public The most annoying thing is when parents do not control their children in public. If their child is mucking around and doing something reckless, parents need to step in and take action. In today’s society, parents are too focused on their phones, pad and gadgets to

Questions and Answers on Maus

Ninja played the role of the messenger. She kept ending the communist messages from her friend & when she heard the police was near she took the messages & held. Chapter Three Prisoner of War 6. How does Bladed survive the work camp? What motivated him? I believe the dreams of his grandfather motivated him

Pianist and Maus

This being one of the factors that Golden attributes to the survival of genocide, those who choose to do nothing. In particular I think back to “the snatcher,” who attempted to steal a woman’s food only to end up dropping it in the street. She screamed for help, but received none from anyone in the

Night VS. Maus

Art Spokesman’s Mass is a comic book and it tells the tale of Bladed, Art’s father. Bladed and his wife Mall are survivors of the terrible tragedy known as the Holocaust. Throughout the story, it tells all about Bladed going through life’s trials and tribulations. There are even parts of Blade’s story that he doesn’t

Maus Response Paper

He throws out a variety of subjects in his book, the generation before and after the war, namely the lack of understanding caused by a generation gap, also the relationship that history has to one person, how that person changes through such a relationship and also history and the way to reconciliation. Simply, Mass is

Maus reflection

I picked up almost everything needed when I wandered over to the woodcraft section- and there it was: a beautiful wooden shadow box. I immediately dropped everything Into Ale’s hands and dashed over to It. As I was looking at It I thought, how original… No one else will think to do this, and a